I wanted to showcase all of the little software things that I tinker on so that others might be able to find something useful as well.

Ricoh GR III Firmware Site

The regular Ricoh site for finding firmware is kind of a pain to use, and there’s no way to subscribe to updates for firmware updates.

As someone that owns this camera I would like to know when there are firmware updates and to easily see what’s changed. So that’s why I built my own Firmware Site so that I can easily fetch updates from a Google Cloud function as JSON and just render out the Ricoh data.

What’s cool is that since this set of cloud functions also has a scheduled Pub/Sub trigger, this should automatically update each month if there are updates. Additionally, I could send out updates to a mailing list or a Twitter bot whenever the collection of firmwares got added to!

I also got to re-draw the Ricoh GRIII into a nice SVG!

Juice ⚡️

Juice is a battery app for your macOS laptop where you can customize how the level of your battery is indicated by way of plist files and text. It just gets really boring seeing the regular battery indicator all of the time, so this is something that people can use to customized to their liking (as long as it’s text 😎)

It looks like this:

Feel free to make an issue or check out the code on GitHub, and the latest releases can be found in the releases section here.

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